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Thank you to all who helped us reach our goal of raising $10M for NF research!

We are grateful to all who joined us for our 10th anniversary to honor the scientific progress of the past decade, and the newfound hope it has given the NF community. You can watch our scientific research update video HERE and an update video on our past honorees HERE .

Check out the short video recap of the November's Gala HERE.

On November 19th, 1,700 supporters came to the disco and championed our fight to end NF. We broke all previous fundraising records to raise over $10 million in support of audacious research and advocacy work done by NF Forward and the Children's Tumor Foundation . We are one step closer to living in a world without NF. Already, we have seen great advancements, including groundbreaking treatments and therapies that are positively impacting the lives of those living with NF. This progress would not be possible without your continued generosity.

As Kylie Earle, this year's 'Strength and Honor Award' recipient shared, while NF may live inside one person, it spreads to others and impacts many.

“There’s a lot more to my story as a sixteen-year-old girl who has NF. NF creeps into not only my life, but everybody who loves me. But I won’t let NF win.”

Kylie’s positivity and resiliency as a young woman and athlete touch the lives of so many. She has not only cast aside negative comments and looks to pursue her passions, but she is also inspiring others with NF to do the same.

HERE is the video of Kylie’s remarkable story that moved us deeply.

Every November, we are humbled by stories like Kylie’s and at the turnout and results for this cause so close to our hearts. NF is an extremely complex disorder and fighting it at times can feel stagnant and disempowering. When we gathered together at beNeFit, we were reminded that we are not in this fight alone. Thank you again for fighting alongside us.

Strength & Honor

Kylie Earle

Kylie is a young athlete who was diagnosed with NF when she was 2 years old, causing her eye to be removed at the age of 3. Despite low muscle mass caused by her NF, Kylie competes on multiple competitive cheer teams and has competed, and won, in national competitions. Additionally, Kylie has become an NF awareness advocate through her social media platform. She has shared her NF story despite the judgement of others in hopes of building the confidence of members in the NF community.

Honorary Committee