Thank you to all who participated!

Enjoy the recap below of beNeFit II!

When so many people come together to support something so important and meaningful, it can leave you at a loss for words.  On a misty November Saturday evening in Downtown Detroit, beNeFit II gala raised a record $3 million for the Children’s Tumor Foundation ( to fund critical research to fight the ruthless genetic condition known as neurofibromatosis (NF). The event also brought a new level of ‘awareness’ about NF, and the fight to end it, to over 1,100 generous and caring people who attended the gala.  Whether you were one of those who attended, or you could not make it but still supported the event, we simply cannot thank you enough.

beNeFit II created a connection to real people impacted by NF, such as the Moss family of Birmingham, Alabama.  The courage and willingness of the Mosses to share their story publicly will always be remembered by those of us who watched the video and witnessed each member of this incredible family say a few words live on stage.

As was stated at the event, this is a disease whose victims’ only fault was to draw the wrong card in the genetic poker game we all play in this life.

It is clear to us that the strength of caring people such as yourselves, combined with the courage of those with NF like the Moss family, will ultimately overcome and eradicate this brutal disorder.

Here is the video of the Moss family powerful story that moved us deeply.

We are humbled by the turnout and the results.  We thank you with deep appreciation and unending gratitude for your participation and support in the journey to find a cure for NF.

Strength & Honor

The Moss Family

It's 2011. Renie and Philip Moss are on top of the world. They have fulfilling careers, a loving circle of family and friends, a strong faith, and two beautiful children, Philip Jr. and Helen. Then, in late 2011, Philip Jr. is diagnosed with NF1 – a diagnosis that will have implications far beyond anything they could have imagined for their sweet 6-year-old, changing the Moss family profoundly and forever. The Moss family’s remarkable story is one of a family’s uncommon fight against NF.