Thank you to all who participated!

Enjoy the recap below of the beNeFit IV!

Wow! What a night. The evening of November 19th was a very special one in downtown Detroit. Because of you and over 1,700 other caring people attending the beNeFit IV gala, we raised over $5 million for the Children's Tumor Foundation ( to fund critical research to fight the cruel genetic condition: neurofibromatosis (NF). The night was filled with fun, excitement and a spirit of generosity found only in Detroit!

Check out this terrific one-minute video recap of the night's energy HERE.

But that was just the start.

The event also brought a deeper level of awareness to NF and the bold fight to end it. The beNeFit IV created a connection to real people impacted by NF, such as Strength and Honor Award recipient Jeffrey Owen Hanson. The courage and self-assurance of this 23-year-old artist and philanthropist who has faced overwhelming challenges will always be remembered by those of us who watched the video of his life and witnessed his remarkable talent. Despite his significant visual impairment, Jeff was a renowned artist who has raised $2 million for charities through the auction of his art. At the beNeFit IV, all his previous records were smashed when two of his paintings sold for a total of $200,000!

One becomes a victim of NF purely by chance. Like all people who have NF, Jeff Hanson simply drew unlucky numbers in the genetic lottery. We are more than confident that with the power of caring people like you, combined with the courage of those burdened with NF, this disease will one day be a history lesson.

To learn more about Jeff's powerful, inspiring story, watch his story HERE.

We are humbled by the turnout and the results. Whether you were able to attend the gala or could not make it and still contributed, we simply cannot thank you enough. You have our deepest appreciation and unending gratitude for your participation and support.

Strength & Honor

Jeffery Owen Hanson

Jeff was an award-winning, philanthropic artist on a mission to change the world through art. Visually impaired since childhood from NF1 and an optic glioma (tumor), his acrylic on canvas works employ bold color and heavily sculptured texture to create an unmistakable signature style. The award-winning artist, who received national attention for raising $1 million for charity with his art by his 20th birthday, has since raised more than $2 million. Jeff lost his courageous battle with NF on December 20, 2020.